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Who we are?

Janiv is a platform that aims to help the stratum of Indian society that is unable to meet its basic needs. With its various initiatives, including an old age home, an orphanage, a medical clinic, a mess, etc. it wants to help as many deprived people as possible and help alleviate poverty in neglected and remote areas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to touch as many lives as possible by findings ways to help the needy, including labourers, orphans, homeless, villagers without a means to support themselves, etc.

Our Vision

We aim to build a reliable platform and a global network of sustainable social enterprises that improve lives of the poor people nation-wide.

Our Team

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Manoj Panchal
Founder and Communications Manager

Manoj Panchal is a motivational speaker. Being orphaned early in life, he spent majority of his childhood and adolescence in an orphanage and grew up with a family bound by love, if not by blood. While growing up, he dreamt of building an old age home and an orphanage. The dream turned into a resolution, which only grew stronger, until one day in 2016 he decided he was ready to turn it into reality.

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Swapnil Kemnaik
Co-founder and Program Assistant

Swapnil Kemnaik is a senior designer at Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. He was born in a close-knit family with a humble background, where money wasn't always free-flowing but love and affection was. He has seen the positives of having a family to call your own and understands it is rare and not everyone is blessed with that. This is the reason you might see him hanging around his other family in the old age home.

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Ajay Talware
Co-founder and Fundraising Manager

Ajay Talware is the Vice President of a global multinational company. He hails from the corporate world and dwells amongst people who mean business. But that hasn't hardened him. He has always wanted to make some contribution to the society, but couldn't find a way to do it from his busy schedule. So when his friends suggested starting Janiv, he jumped on the ship. Now, he might be busy with meetings, but his financial help has kept the place afloat.

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Co-founder and Program Manager

Madhusudan works in the security department at Mumbai airport. He's the bloodline of Janiv, often found working extensively at Janiv's every social program, making making sure everything is in place and smooth-sailing at all times. He takes the responsibility of hospitalising members of Janiv's Old Age Home and is available at beck and call during Janiv's medical camps. The success of each programme can be attributed to his on-site activeness and presence of mind.